Rescue Journal

fernando's transport down from the north is back on

Carol  ·  Sep. 13, 2013

it tentatively looks like he will need pick up from airco at 10:15 sunday morning. is anyone available to get him and bring him out to saints?
we will have to await confirmation of transport time and date but just trolling the waters to see if someone would be available at this time.



we need you more at the pedigree thing shelagh and if dawn can get him, I can do sundays tour.

so dawn you are on pick up the new dog run sunday. thx both of you!
oh shit ann we posted at the same time!

ok ann can get him, shelagh can still help with the pedigree event and dawn can do the tour on sunday.

shelagh f

i'm closer, so wouldn't mind to pick him up, but
probably would beg off the pedigree thing at
superstore. you don't know if he is coming for
sure? I guess it is all stand by if they have
room. Let me know, if there is time, otherwise
will be out in the morning saturday