Rescue Journal

i am sorry...

Carol  ·  Sep. 14, 2013

too tired to post tonight, plus I have been away from these guys for most of the day and they want me to hang with them now. I will try to come up with a decent post tomorrow...maybe.



Good thing I asked.... ;)there would have been 2 of us there fighting over a dog. lol!


you are not picking up are at saints doing the tour. ann is picking Fernando up for us.

another Doreen

Brown Buddy and Renny were very good ambassadors/magnets today too, although a lot of people did comment on how big Benny was!
I only spent a couple of hours at the event this afternoon but I too was impressed with how many people already knew about SAINTS and how quick some of them were to put a donation in the clear cookie jar - a marketing tip from the Pedigree representative. She was also very nice and very good about interacting with the public as they went by.
Be prepared for a good turn out for the tour tomorrow - lots of people seemed interested in that!


I'm still on for the pick up tomorrow? what/who am I picking up tomorrow?

shelagh f

hey, you know, I didn't do 1/10 of what you have done
today, and I'm tired. And I didn't have much to do
when I got home. Cut yourself some slack. A lot
of people in Mission seem to know of Saints. I think
that's pretty neat. Remember, if you need to show
any dogs again, Benny, the friendly white polar bear is
your guy, Good call