Rescue Journal

good mornin'

Carol  ·  Sep. 15, 2013

I love foggy wraps the world you think you know so well in mystery.

thank you big time to everyone who helped here and at the pedigree event yesterday. the dogs were all so good. tina and mini me did the early morning shift and benny, buddy and renny (new foster dog) did the afternoon.

it was a great opportunity to watch renny is action. up til now I have just gotten to admire her beauty and give her a few pets. renny is a great dog...well mannered and well socialized...good with other dogs, good with men, women, and children, good in odd places like superstore parking lots.
so here is the deal on her...her foster family is happily willing to keep her forever if her solid gold perfect home cannot be found. but if this miracle home does show up for her, her foster family is willing to let her go.

renny is a white senior boxer from an spca cruelty investigation. she has been over bred and exploited as a puppy producer and is a bit saggy in places because of this. this dog however in personality and spirit is a true of those dogs just full of grace and kindness. we are looking for someone really special for her...a really great home with hopefully someone with a lot of time to hang around with her, she would like to have a K9 friend to chill with when her new mom or dad need to go out. she absolutely must be allowed to lounge on the furniture...she has had a tough life and wants some comfort now. renny will be someone's new best friend and she needs that person to place great value on her...not because she is a boxer, not because she is a rescue, just because she is an amazingly wonderful girl.
see far below for her photo...I try to resize photos so they fit but it never works.

photo renny3.jpg


janet nicholson

Oh Renny - you are one beautiful girl - and your life has changed - you will now be treated as you deserved all along - poor baby to just have been used for breeding - I will never understand the cruelty of mankind - can't fathom mistreating these beautiful animals.


i met her yesterday and everything carol has said about her is true. she is a beautiful, friendly girl who will steal your heart. i think her foster mom is pretty amazing and however it turns out it will be great for renny.


We had a boxer when I was a kid. The BEST family dog, and so loving, protective and loyal.