Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 15, 2013

there was like a poop fest going on in here while I was out at the barn..honestly you guys? I was gone for what? an hour??? I wasn't gone all that long cuz Michelle and chris did all of the work!

Gideon has a gobble fest going on today...he is mr. feed me/feed me/feed me! YAY Gideon!

a friend from animal welfare..jen stopped by today with a friend of hers. she likes to visit odie and I gave her friend the quickie tour. ann was waiting to hand over fernando to me but she had to wait cuz I lost ellie...again.

you'd think it would be hard to lose an 800 pound pig but it is not hard at all when your pig is as smart as ellie. when I couldn't find her, I assumed she was hiding out in the bush fort she hid in a couple of years ago.


so there is the three of us combing both fields and all of the barns with no ellie anywhere to be found.

ann was the one who found her...she saw ellie coming out from under the white hay tarp when we went back to the bottom field. I was standing right next to her not even 15 minutes before and I had no idea she was under there.

and this is why I love ellie, she is way smarter than me and she plays 800 pound hide and seek the pink pig and always wins.

I am adding a roofed kennel area attached to the house so lance can go out and in whenever he wants (hoping to save the new couch...if we ever get one..he is ripping the shit out of the one that we have!) this whole project of keeping lance happy and confined is going to cost quite a lot but bottom line, if someone called me and said they were having the same troubles with their personal dog, I would expect them to do the same. sadly (for the bank account,) there are not different rules for rescue, expectations in meeting animals needs are the same. you do what you gotta do to keep them happy and safe.

so Fernando is here...he looks like a tube of rollover. I knew the dog was a Mexican hairless but I wasn't expecting a REAL Mexican hairless but surprisingly enough he is.
thank you ann (and friend) for getting him. thank you cam for saving him..he is a pretty cool looking dog. and I do believe (unlike some of our others) that he is both a nice AND good dog even if he looks kind of weird.

anyway..better get my ass moving on the LANCE ALOT PROJECT..he went over the fence several times tonight. he came right back cuz we were right there and made him.
freaking million dollar, pain in the ass, unadoptable dog.

haha Bridgett if Fernando's song is the abba Fernando song...
here is lances abba song



i'll put in a few bucks for Lance, definitely.... just for the song! :-D


I will put in $20. I will be on holidays when the event is on but I can drop $20 off in the office next weekend.


so i have ali and alison who will sponsor toward a tale. thanks now just need 7 more.


thanks ali now we just need 8 more people let me know if you are interested.


Love Lance's new song - too funny Carol. I think we ALL wish we had more money!!