Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 18, 2013

there are days when I just want to say fuck it and walk away...this just might be one of those damn days.

the chances of actually being able to do it are pretty slim. I keep telling myself, some days are just harder to live in.

whatever. I am bone weary, soul searching freaking what.


martha did ok with her spay and is home again.

both Passat and orion totally flipped out at the vets...they completely freaked out over having needles poked into them.

renny had her vet check and she needs a massive dental with some surgery also done on her gums. she has two mammary tumours that need to be removed but her chest xray came back clear so if they are malignant, it looks like they have not yet spread to the lungs.

daphne had her repeat ultrasound and there is not much change in the size of the two bladder stones so diet is not helping to dissolve them.

ferndando had his vet check and needs a dental and that lump from the tip of his tail removed. it will involve a small amputation of the end of the tail bone. he sounds like he has some cardiac issues..the vets will hook him up to an ECG when he is under for his surgery.

we are going to split the fencing project into two that the volunteer husbands can do and one part for the professionals. this should help cut back on the costs....lance is a bit in a hurry to have at least some semblance of freedom again and I am in a hurry to keep everyone safe.

I guess/ I suppose I should get on with living thru one of those occasional more down than up kind of days today.



Carol, Don't know if it would help Daphne but my little rescue terrier has one kidney non functioning as a result of kidney stones and she is on Royal Canin Urinary SO Small Dog. Web page says formulated for management of struvite & oxalate crystals and stones. Vet said fill bowl with the kibble and then add warm water, makes kind of mash. Mine love it. Comes in canned formula as well. Just a thought.


hope tommorrow is a better day for u. wow rennys going to be a costly little girl, but she will feel so much better. god lets hope for a great gala that brings in lots of money. u need it. jelly goes in on mon for her dental work, but i am going to really try to cover the costs myself. you already have enough on your plate. heres hoping.


Carol, is it tomorrow that you wanted me in at 8? I can't remember lol.