Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 19, 2013

won't be one of my better days..yesterdays headache has become todays migraine.

what are the chances of the dogs being quiet today? probably not all that great.

I have just sedated andy, hopefully he got just the right amount to be calm and handable. I had 2 strengths...10mg and 25 mgs..last time the 10 was not enough...the 25mg size is for odie so most likely is too much. so I did 3/4's of a 25mg...about 16mg..hopefully that works ok.

tough day for andy.

today the plan is to move Passat and orion over to the house. hopefully they do ok with the chaos because I do think they need closer and more frequent human contact...they crave human company.

we will also move pepper over to the computer room and chance back to the mp building.

I believe the fencing guys are starting the job here today. oh yay migraine and the dogs all confined in the house with strangers out in the yard...for sure peace and quiet will not be possible today.

time to start another day.

well...another few minutes and we can try wrangling andy into a crate.



The mysteriuos corn on your stove (and buckets of apples in the shop) is from Shawn, Shelbys new dad, he came up for a visit and i gave him some advantage for shelby. Super nice man and super nice dog!


Passat & Orion are such wonderful cats, when I come early to walk Capone & Riley they are always at their window greeting me with BIG siamese like meows, I speak with them for a moment or two and rub the screen as they push their heads against my hand. I hope they make the transition and are happy in the house. I thought I may have had a home for them, however the lady is waiting until she retires before adding to her family...
Best of Luck to Andy today..poor guy, he will be so happy tomorrow though.