Rescue Journal

another day..another (ton of) dollars spent.

Carol  ·  Sep. 20, 2013

i wish it would come in as fast as it goes out.

all in all it was not a bad day...I finally ditched the headache around 4 pm...whew. I did some piddly stuff...picking up meds, taking a crate back, some banking transfers to meet payroll, hay delivery, and pig pen cost (but now i am thinking i did not transfer enough!) and then tammy and I hit the olive garden for a nice lunch. I came home and the new fencing posts are in...freaking HIGH fence...good luck sailing over THAT lance! i ordered hay, got a hold of gas busters to come out next week to pull out the fireplace so we can replace that foul reeking pad. renee and i bleached the crap out of it again and then left the soaked bleach towels on top to filter out some of the smell. erin met me at the building store at 5 and we loaded up her truck with the supplies for the new pig pen.

i took the dogs for a run, fed Gideon his third supper and let everyone else out for a pee. and then i sat in the yard for an hour and watched mystic, june, boomer and lance play rambunctiously. hopefully they are all worn out now and will sleep.

i already settled the mp building and except for meds and feeding am pretty much done for the night. since the water tank is still pretty full, maybe i will soak in a nice hot tub tonight.

considering i really did not do much, i somehow got a lot of stuff done.

thx tammy for lunch and thx erin for hauling all of the building materials..hopefully (if it is not raining too hard tomorrow)...a new pig pen will soon be a reality.



you know, i was seriously thinking of suggesting a weighted vest for Lance to burn that energy off/make it harder for him to pitch himself over the fence... but it might make him MORE energetic, since it would spring his muscles into maximum all the time! O.o