Rescue Journal

working on the solutions

Carol  ·  Sep. 22, 2013

interestingly enough while I may have trouble letting go of a problem until a solution is in place. I have no trouble prioritizing what is critical to the animals at saints. once we get the yard fencing done and lance securely confined, and once the new pig area is complete and each has a safe and comfortable pen of their own..then I can put two of the bigger worries to rest. the trouble is always tho in getting there. I wish I was like bewitched and with a twitch of my nose, every thing done. but it is a process of identifying the full extent of the problems so whatever solution is planned will meet all of the needs plus any unexpected ripples. once I know what I want the solution to accomplish, then it is coming up with the plan. next comes finding the money and then executing the plan.

the execution is the longest part because whether it is paid professionals or volunteers.. it is dependent on their overful schedules on when things actually do get done. I really appreciate when folks go out of their way to help us meet a priority need here, safety and happiness always come first for us before any other thing. our gas guy dropped everything yesterday and came so we could replace that foul smelling urine soaked fireplace pad...and again, he would not let me pay him!

johann has been slogging away in the rain this weekend to at least get the new pig house to lock up stage. the fencing guys got the posts along the farm yards set on Friday and will put up the chainlink tomorrow. and while neither area is actually complete, at least by tomorrow we are half way there. and halfway there is better than sitting stagnant at the beginning, waiting and hoping that nothing will go wrong, that lance will not jump out of the yard, that charlotte will not again take her fence out..that no one gets hurt before we get to the end of Implementation of the solution.

fingers are crossed that we stay alert, that the animals do not push or jump past our current defences. I cannot wait for both projects to be done so I can relax just a little bit in watching them like a hawk and worrying myself sick with the what ifs.

one thing tho that I have learned in rescue, when bad shit happens you do not sit on your ass and cry about spilled milk. you come up with a plan to carry on better and minimize bad shit from repeating itself twice.... as quick as you can.

that's how I survive in rescue. and that's how we keep going so the animals can survive and be rescued too.

it is all for our fuzzy and feathered and naked and messed up homeless sometimes drive me nutz, but.... I love you and I have your back whenever, however I can find a solution..


Brenda Mc

Yes Fernando is so sweet. We had a heck of a time trying to change the sheets and blankets on Carol's bed today - He was having too much fun rolling around and playing with all the clean bedding- and then everyone wanted to get into the game, and it was a lost cause for awhile! The bed buddies do like a clean bed!


Could you please tell me if you are in need of any used towels and bedding. Thanks.


Fernando is a was so great to see him bombing around having fun..what a doll !!!


we do need to get together with jon again as to what you really want. i tried to exaplain to him about the roof but couldnt quite remember what you said he is working today but in the next day or two we are going to have to get together again. we really do need to get on this as i hate seeing lance all cooped up. how many more quilts do we have left. lol not to mention sofas.