Rescue Journal

maybe not upwards, but onwards is good enough for today....

Carol  ·  Sep. 24, 2013

I would like to sit in this computer chair and spend the day thinking deep things. however...we have a corporate volunteer crew coming from envision to help us with some one day project...the project I chose was cleaning and organizing the shop. with the recent rainy weather and since my vacation is never a real vacation if I haven't gutted the shop, we are going in there to tidy that building up.

I think the group is here until 2pm, then I have to hustle my butt into maple ridge to pick up meds for renny and get a pharmacy reorder script for hilda. I am a bit worried about this, erin will be gone by then and it means leaving mr. freak out, anxious destructor alone in the house.

oh freaking well..with renee away and one other open staff position....I simply cannot logistically manage a lance anxiety companion 24/7. I have my own stuff that I must get done. oh and by the way..i forgot to mention we are hiring again, lexi is no longer with us. erin and renee are going to go thru the applications this time and short list them for me. I just couldn't face another 100 emailed resumes hitting my inbox right now.

odie is back to happy, so I know he is feeling much better...I can't get him into the vets before Thursday but he will be ok until then, they are short staffed themselves and all of their surgical time is already booked. I need him to go to eastridge because they have dealt with his clinic based insanity before and are more prepared to deal with it again. nothing like an odie experience to get your adrenalin pumping. the vet already gave me the go ahead to bump up his pre-visit sedation dose a bit higher than it was before.

the fencing guy came yesterday but I had to send him away...he could not unload his stuff into the riding ring because the horses were there until after Gideon's last ride to the crematorium came. he is coming back tomorrow so hopefully soon that farm yard side will be impermeable to lance's flying feet.

we are going to have to do some cat moves this week...Martha is ready to move into the mp communal area intro cage and orion and Passat will need to leave the house because staying here is not going to work. the other cats are missing that room, esp. the new bed..bed lounging is now a very popular activity for them.

I think I barely squeezed out 4 hours sleep last night..between my spinning mind and bru and lance's middle of the night whining, both requiring a leashed trip outside...sleep for me was in short supply. the good news is I feel somewhat numb today and I prefer that to the pain and trauma of yesterday so I am ok with it right now.

well..I better get dressed and go find some breakfast before the corporate work party arrives. I am praying for a quiet and peaceful day without any fires, without any tears,..that would be nice for a change.



my cell is dead (what a shame!) but if you see this shelagh, dog sitting would be awesome if 2ish-4ish would work?

shelagh f

Hey, I could do that. Was still sort of thinking
you may need apples and because there are no dogs
going to the spa, I could pick up the meds and give
her the cartrophen. Or I could dog sit. Let me know
if you want me to do that
shelagh604 514 9969


sorry no can do but thx ann for the offer...renny's med pick up today is cartrophen and I have to go to her foster home in maple ridge to inject her, she needs her dose every week.


I can pick up your stuff in maple ridge if that helps? Call me if you want me to.