Rescue Journal

the mp building tomorrow.

Carol  ·  Sep. 25, 2013

the Mongolian monster bit Maggie's thumb is quite swollen, the doc said there may be some tendon damage so she will be out of commission for awhile. so sorry Maggie!

thx not so much chance.


I have a pretty busy day tomorrow..i have to get odie into the vet early and be back here by 10:30 to greet and settle rudy.

and I can't remember who said they would be able to help out in the mp building tomorrow cuz...

my memory sucks.

so if whoever is coming can post a reminder to me in the comments, I would greatly appreciate it and then I can formulate a plan of mp building attack if actually needed!

oh, and whoever does come,. please do not worry..i will find time to take care of chancy mcbiting pants.



what laminate lynne? all we have is lino. are you bleaching some strangers house? you might get locked up for that...folks will think you are weird.


ive checked that place from top to bottom pulled everything out bleached the crap out of it. cant find anything out of the ordinary. will come by today and do it all over ag ain unless like erin says its in the couch or the laminate. who knows. need to talk to you today about the rest of the fencing.


I cleaned the bedroom well today...will work on the big dog room tomorrow afternoon.


Jelly is / was one of my favourites at Saints and now she has what sounds like a great forever home


Ran into Lynne today :) I was happy to see Jelly :) So glad she got a home with Lynne :)


I will be there tomorrow and I thought Helga was going to also be there (not positive on that though).


I will have to leave to pick him up when they call, should be a couple of hours anyway.


Carol I am in the mp building, but will not be there until I drop Jedi off at the vet at 8:30. Should make it by 9:00