Rescue Journal

odie's unhappy day

Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2013

things went ok (considering) until he was almost finished in the OR. unfortunately he woke up suddenly, a little prematurely, flipped out and went typically odie nutz. he was screaming, he was trying to eat people, throwing himself around and spewing droplets of blood.

I am pretty sure no one including odie was remotely having any kind of fun.

I picked him up early, he was still pretty dopey and unsteady and he cried all of the way home. we got into the driveway, I barely got the leash on him, and he literally frantically dragged me into the house. once he was in, he sat down so I could pet him and then immediately climbed onto his bed.

he is sleeping now.

you can feel it just like a wave, odie is terribly traumatized and very upset by today.

I have to admit when I was driving him in this morning, I was all loving, sappy and sad because I was afraid, he might not make it home. once the vet examined him and nix'd the tumor theory in favor of the momentarily soaring heart, sort of sank.

I could literally be looking at another 10 years with my freak out biting friend. 10 more years of walking on egg shells, 10 more years of possibly having to take him into the vet.

I love you dearly odie...but you are a helluvalotta dog...I mean really....a helluvalotta dog.

sleep well my prickly babe, you are home now and safe.



oh, boy. they had their work cut out for them.

i wonder if it's the same with people as it is with animals. the right amount of adrenaline, anxiety, fear, and POP, maybe some people will NOT go out, or the meds don't last as long?
a little CFer girl i know fought and screamed today as they were putting her out for a endoscopy, and apparently, it took forever. the anesthetist was amazed since she's only 5 and tiny!


Does anyone have a picture of Tu the rabbit and Fritz the cat that you can email me. My email account is

P.S. Poor Odie - hope he is too traumatized.

Brenda Mc

Poor Odie (and the poor vet and techs) - I'm so glad it was just an abcess, but I get what you're saying - He is definitely a worry and a challenge, but he's weaseled his way into my heart too, and I'm happy he's home - not as happy as he is tho! Squirt will be glad to have his bed buddy back in the kitchen again too.