Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 26, 2013

rudy is here...super nice horse. he and raven are already the best of friends. I was wrong about his age tho...he is only 27, will be 28 in Feb. and he has lived with his family since he was 4 years old. devastating to them to have to give him up now but unfortunately, horses can not live in a townhouse. anyway, I have no doubt that rudy will be happy here...he has made a fantastic start on day one of his new beginning!

new cat coming in...a 5 yr old diabetic. his name is blue, I will pick him up from the shelter tomorrow, he was a stray whose family has not come to claim him.

odie was cleared for surgery today, the vet thought it was just a large abcess and the chest mass I felt was most likely chubbster odie packing on more fat. the plan was to do surgery at 1230, put in a temporary drain and hopefully I can pick him up at the end of the day.

I have to go in a bit early and pick up the original artwork prints for the gala...THEY LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!! I am getting them all professionally matted so they are ready for framing by whoever buys them. I expect everyone will want them...ellie mae, percy and the cows, joy, Floyd the dastardly duck, Dixie, odie, twosey and our shining white glowing knight...Gideon. there is currently only one print of each ( I may make more sometime down the road and saints is keeping the originals so I am hoping the bidding gets quite ferocious and they sell really well.

it really is quite nice to be able to open up all of the doors and let the dogs wander in and out as they choose. the big guys right now have full access to the dog yard and I only have to check on lance every few minutes, the little guys are wandering in and out of my bedroom and thru the front door. it is a really nice day for them to be able to come and go as they please.

rudy by the way is an arabian flea bitten grey. his coloring is almost like Gideon's was. he has a bit more color because he is quite a bit younger but if he lives as long, his color will eventually be just the same.

still missing you Gideon but I think you would really approve of this nice old horse who has moved into your empty space.



Welcome Rudy. So nice to know you have found a friend. You will help Raven recover from his loss.

The Circle continues to turn ...


thank you for mentioning Raven. you had said a while back that he and Gideon were besties so I was worried about him (and everyone else at saints) when Gideon went. OT did my check arrive? it was coming to mission and was marked for the Gala