Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2013

just today and tomorrow left of more than 3 weeks of vacation and I do not feel refreshed or renewed.

maybe my "real" work in the "real" world is what keeps me from burning out. three solid weeks of just saints on my plate has pretty much sucked all of my emotional energy out.

sucks to be you know who.

rudy seemed to have a good first day. raven is happy to have a new friend. flicka is acting all pissy and put out about having to tolerate a new guy here...sometimes I think that horse is almost human. she acts like us so much of the time.

odie slept well for all of the night, he did not even want to wake up for dinner or a snack so I held his insulin last pm. hopefully he has recovered his emotional balance because we do need to get him in the shower to continue flushing his sutures.

all of the new guys are doing ok...orion and pass got moved back to the medical room for now until I can come up with a better plan and the house cats are very happy to have their new bed back. ferndand has fit in here like an old glove, roxie is finding her way. Martha is getting moved to the mp communal cage to start her intro in there.

amber seems to be better with the change in meds, bru finally gets to go home today.

jedi who is in foster care with Jamie was diagnosed with a very large lung mass yesterday. given the size and location, it is causing him problems. Jamie has some meds to try to keep him comfortable until he is ready to pass.

today I start meeting the applicants for employment at saints. erin has done a great job of pre-screening and organizing everything for me for efficient use of my time. she has everyone with the necessary skills set up for a meet and greet and tour over the next couple of days. I am kind of glad it is raining, it allows potentials to see saints at its wet and muddy worst.

I woke up this morning and looked out the window to our new section of 8 foot, chainlink fence. part of me is so relieved, for safety, for peace of mind... for decreasing the fence jumping problems and confinement anxiety levels of lance. and part of me is not so relieved, it looks like a freaking prison yard fence.

well..I better get moving, we need a barn feed run, I have to go pick up that new diabetic cat, plus I have the new staff meet and greet. shit, erin needs to get down in the crawl space to check the filter cuz the water pressure is down.



i wish there was a way to "prettify" the fence.
perhaps some ivy would come in use. sadly, it's a little late in the year, but it's doable.
ivy and jasmine? ivy itself sometimes just GROWS and grows. it floods areas.
i wonder if either would be a risk to the animals.


Good point about people seeing what things are like when it's raining! One time I had someone call to re-schedule an interview because it was raining. I told her not to bother!