Rescue Journal

sad lisa

Carol  ·  Sep. 27, 2013

sad lisa is an spca cruelty seizure for critical distress.

she has literally been starving to death.

chris got the owner to sign her over and asked if she could come here. I called the vets right away to come and see her.

at first i thought she was dead but she wasn't. I carried her in my arms to the rabbit room and laid her on a soft dog bed and wrapped her in warm wool blankets. she is about 8 months old and I doubt she weighs more than 20 pounds.I gave her some SC fluids while we waited for the vet, but I couldn't get much in because she had no subcutaneous tissue no matter how shallow I tried to go, I kept hitting bone...she has a body score of one...I was thinking it was more like zero but the vet said it was one.

when lisa the vet arrived I said, she looks like she is dead and I would like you to fix that. and to a certain extent she did. it looks like profound anemia and starvation from a massive worm overload. she gave her a vitamin injection which we are to continue to give daily for the next week or so and a really good exam. she ordered a very light de-worming at first and instructed me to be very careful in how much we feed. she is like an end stage anorexic and can go into organ failure if we over load her with too much too fast. right now it is not really an issue, while she has eaten a couple of very small handfuls of hay, I can't get her to eat anything else. I have bought her some organic super greens and some organic baby food that I will puree up with electrolytes to syringe feed in tiny amounts every couple of hours and see how she does.

the vet said she is not out of the woods but she does have a chance.

she is a beautiful little sheep and I named her after lisa our vet and sad lisa, the song from cat stevens.

I am so hoping that this sweet little girl finds the strength to survive.


Bunny Horne

Please Sad Lisa pull through - you can have a happy life with the rest of our guys.