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not lisa

Carol  ·  Sep. 28, 2013

in trimming off her poop balls from around her bum, it was discovered that lisa is not lisa...she is a little boy.

damn..I liked that song, I could sing it to her whenever I was with her (I actually know most of the words!)

anyway...not lisa is not doing as well today...some diarrhea, most likely from the light de-worming. but it is hard a system as weak as his is. he is still drinking very well BUT not nibbling on anything on his own so far today. I talked to the vet and I am going to go give him a metacam injection and see it helps him feel more comfortable so he will eat a bit again.

in a holding pattern over our new little boy.

anyway...feel free to go to town not lisa needs a new name.



Lol..i didnt realize how many of us have songs for our friends and sing to them...i am not nuts..or at least i am not a lone nut :-)


change the name to fit the song.
replace "lisa" with "liam", then you can still sing it.
i use Raffi's "Baby Beluga" song to sing to my Oona. i sing "Oona Balloona in the deep blue sea".
our Charlie has "Charlie bubbles in the wine" from Dawn Ho instead of "Tiny bubbles in the Wine".
Billy: "I wanna marry a Bill." and "I've Told Every Little Star".
Joanie: the Archie's "Sugar" song. "Joanie! (doo da doo doo doo doo) Ah, honey honey! You are my candy girl!"
and, of course, our Romy has "Tommy". it's what we use to call him when we're wondering where he is. "Romy, can you hear me?? Romy, are you listenin'? Romy! Romy!"

all of them have backup songs i can't immediately think of... just in case. :-D

so.... use it anyway!
all of ours LOVE their songs. when we sing Romy's song in sync, it usually makes him come running to see us.


the majority seem to like liam and brenda suggested it today as liam it is.
liam, liam, sad liam liam...hmm.


Just looked up the meaning of Liam and it's "strong willed warrior" exactly what he needs to be!


My friend had a puppy that was not doing well. Same thing, whenever she went to check on him, she expected the worst. Anyway, he recovered. But, the name she gave him was INDY - I'm Not Dead Yet. Kinda gruesome, but good in that he survived.

Cheryl Shaw

I like Liam as well, but if you want to go in a totally different direction and give him a name to live up, call him "Aires", and just hope he doesn't grow into the fighting God when he gets better!


actually i like liam too its a good strong name. but im partial its my grandsons name. whataever u call him will be great.


After reading that Lisa was a male, the name LIAM seemed a good one . I see in the comments that someone else likes it too!

another Doreen

Lee-amb (pronounced Liam)
Or Louie - theres a song about that name too.


He needs a strong name cause he really needs to be a fighter right now with courage and strength. I am praying for our little boy..

I like either Logan or Kodiak for his name ..

I am looking forward to meeting him tomorrow..