Rescue Journal

day one, back to work.

Carol  ·  Sep. 29, 2013

I swear to god, lance is going to be the death of me. brent got the metal gate back up and chained that sucker to the wall. no way is lance going to take it down again!

so lance decides to try to jump over it, gets hung up by his hips and is stuck on the thing hanging upside down.

now the gate which is unknock-downable has to stay wide open so lance can't kill himself.

freaking dog! and those other wet and muddy fuzzy bastards better not slip thru that open gate and try to get up on my bed!

liam really wasn't good today, I am pretty sure he was running a high temperature and was quite a bit weaker. so I phoned the vet on call. luckily it was still lisa so she knew what to tell me to do. anyway..we went thru the antibiotics I had on hand and picked the one that was best, she gave me the dose and I started it. when I got home tonight, he looked pretty damn pathetic but after chris, michelle and I got him hosed off, dried up, resettled on a nice clean bed...he had a good drink of electrolytes and water and ate a good handful of freshly picked weeds.

I just do not know if liam is going to make it or is still too hard to see.

johann was back again and the new pig temporary fencing is in. I already know the area is not big enough, but we can build a bigger pen around it and then take the temp. fence out as soon as we have some extra cash.

it actually felt good to be back to work so I am happy about that! and sorry but I still have stuff to do so that is enough blogging for now.



see, with this kind of behavior, i am CONVINCED he believes he's a superhero and invincible. maybe we should call him the Black Knight?

Lance the Black Knight. it's got a nice ring to it.

as for sad Liam... all you can do is your best, which is what everyone is doing.


Come on little baa baa black sheep! U can do it I saw it in ur eyes u are a fighter. Don't give up. You will LOVE it at SAINTS! We're all rooting for you!