Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 2, 2013

shelagh got some of the little guys in for grooming (THANK YOU SHELAGH!) me, tina, gerty and nicki (maltese) look pretty darn cute. it is perfect timing to get them all done...they are already cold but should grow back some fur before it gets REALLY cold. lots of little chilly bodies burrowed under my covers last night.

max-cat had his surgery late yesterday so he won't be home until later today.

now that we know the total in from the gala, we can start figuring out the vet accounts and get them paid. that will be a relief for everybody, me especially.

rudy seems to be settling in well.

odie seems to be re-gaining his cheerfulness.

we picked up Gideon's ashes from the crematorium yesterday and I will spread them in the fields on my next day off. I still cannot believe he is gone. I keep looking into his stall thru the cameras and am momentarily surprized at seeing a not in the least frail, white horse. and then I remember I am seeing rudy and Gideon has moved on.

I think another month or so and we will need to be moving Crosby and jingles back into the rabbit room for the winter. I don't want to move them too soon. it looks like some nice sunny fall weather is coming next week that they will enjoy.

nikki (cocker) is booked in for her dental, ear flush on Thursday. hopefully that will fix her chronic ear infections.

orion and Passat are fighting off a cold..i am glad I moved them out of the house and back to the medical room.

amber the bunny is still congested but luckily it remains in her nasal passages and not in her chest...hoping the antibiotics will eventually kick it out of there.

new dog coming in from animal control today...the semi-old cranky bassett was offered a place at a different shelter so she no longer needs to come. in her stead is coming a little old fuzzy thing with big skin issues and some other health issues but right now I can't remember what they are.

I feel like I should be moving faster this morning so I have time to get liam done up before I leave for work, but liam is now with Gideon....he doesn't need me any more. five days of worrying about liam, no liam today feels weird...I wish I was still worrying about him.

I think that is pretty much it for the goes on at saints.



Kinda chuckling over the Cheerfull Odie comment.... Lol not sure why. ;)

shelagh f

so is Nikki , cocker off the list for Saturday, or just
play it by ear? I told them there might be just
4 on Saturday and that was ok


i like the term tramp but when i told my grandson he looked like a tramp i got shit from my daughter. same as thongs and flip flops. hey they will always be thongs to me. lol

Barbara Ferris

Carol; can you tell me more about the cranky basset?
Barbara - the basset person


Oh wishing Orion and Paset well and hope they get over their cold soon xx


You guys are funny. You would think that this is the love connection (for animals)


Many of us don't like the term 'tramp' and prefer the term 'serial monogamist' - nothing wrong with being in love!

Bunny Horne

Dixie is a tramp. She was also in love with Pops. Lucky for us our Miss-Dixie likes to welcome all the new boys to Saints.