Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 4, 2013

I finally sat down and spent some good cuddle time with the new little old dog...the staff named her andrea. horrid skin..we will get her on chance's skin protocol..daily baths, tons of meds..the full meal deal to get her really cleaned up from the chronic yeastiness and then hopefully maintain her skin health longer term.

sweet dog!

I spread Gideon's ashes today..that was sad.

I am really missing mini and am still heavily burdened by guilt.

and I am missing lance too and feeling guilty about him.

I expect I will continue to feel the sadness of loss and the pain for regret for a while yet.

it is what it is but I wish it wasn't.

finally got around to introducing rudy fully to Dixie and flicka. it was the typical diva drama show but everyone eventually settled in.

orion and Passat are on strict no contact isolation with anyone except myself and the staff. looks like either a herpes or calici virus infection and I do not want it spreading around here.

Martha has her communal room holding pen door open..just waiting for her to decide to venture out.

max cat is recovering well from his dental surgery and nikki came home today after her dental, ear flush and funky growth removal and she too is doing well.

I paid $23,000.00 down on the vets bills with the money we raised from the gala...I think I still have another $5000.00 to pay til we are 100% clear. I just want to go over the money carefully with ann first to make sure we have enough and I don't make a mistake. hopefully I can clear off most of the rest by early next week.

that is the total accumulation of vet bills just since early june...ouch.

I decided to wait on the hiring for now until I can get my head screwed back on a bit tighter and straighter. too many stressors...too many factors...too many things I feel unsure of to make major decisions right now.

once burned, twice shy...except in the past 7 years, since we started with paid staff, I have hired for the barn area 8 times and only once have I gotten it right...I guess I am currently 16 times shy and apparently I pretty much suck at barn hiring.

anyway...that is a lot of shy (and sucking at something).... I think I better take a deep breath and wait til I can think with a little bit less stress. Dionne is willing to cover for now while I think things thru and the barn guys all love her so that is good.

and that is the thing about rescue...when the going gets tough, the smart exercise patience and thoughtful restraint and try not to make matters worse by fucking more things up..

that's my newest current plan and I am going to try to stick to it.



I can do a Wednesday shift in the MP room until things are sorted out.


Martha came right out when I let her out and explored the cat room, she also came out when I was feeding dinner so she seems fairly comfortable.