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not a good night for andrea

Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2013

luckily I brought her to bed with me so I know she is repeatedly vomiting. she is very quiet when she does it so if she was still tucked into her pen, I wouldn't have known until morning that she was so ill. I will call around first thing in the morning and see which vet clinic can squeeze her in because for sure she needs to be assessed. I am wondering if it has anything to do with her prednisone dose or if it is an acute pancreatitis due to the stress of the move? the only thing I know for sure is she did not get into anything she shouldn't have gotten into because she has been safely confined since she got here until I brought her up on the bed.

not a lot of sleep happening cuz I am quite worried over our new little barfing baby. and it means that between cleaning up puke and reassuring the sick babe..i have lots of time to think about unhappy things that I really don't want to be thinking about in the middle of the night anyway.

I am telling you, I know why some rescuers drink...I think once you start, you just keep going. I think once you find a way to shut out the tormenting shit, and dull the brain boggling just keep going back to it....why wouldn't you?

I remember when my kids were really small and my husband was out of town for six weeks...I started drinking one glass of wine at night after they went to bed to help me wind down. then it was 2 glasses, then it was three and I went holy freaking shit man, no more evening wine drinking for me. and I really never drank much of anything again...sometimes on a hot day..maybe half a beer..some cold nights..maybe a hot chocolate and baileys. but you just can't drink more than one cup of that... two cups of hot chocolate would be way too much for anyone to handle.

good thing too cuz after jumping head first into rescue and turning my insides and outsides upside down..i would most likely be a rip roaring drunk by now. it is bad enough that I still crutch is enough.

whatever..just blabbering to distract myself, I better go check on the barfing babe. maybe if she has gotten it all out, we can get some sleep and I can shut my head down.


May Sutherland

I sleep with the TV on. It's a distraction from the depressing thoughts that drift through my mind in the middle of the night.



maybe...might just be a sensitive tummy.
she's better this morning but then it's early and I haven't tried to feed her yet.


shit, hope shes ok. i fed her half a can of hypo cat food yesterday, maybe thats why she puked? i take back everything ive ever said about shih tzus....she is freaking adorable!