Rescue Journal

note to all fosters...

Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2013

I have reminded the clinics that unless it is an emergency, all vet care needs for the fosters have to be run by me by the foster family before the animal can be booked in and seen. I am trying to keep track of our vet care and bills and who is in for what and when and I really do need to be kept up to date on the foster animals needs and current happenings.

this is not just a courtesy to saints who paying the is courtesy to our vets so when they call me to update me on the animal's medical needs/progress....i actually have some kind of clue what they are talking about and what has been happening and they don't need to waste time bringing me up to speed. it is also easier for the clinics if I have already pre-approved with them the vet visit, instead of having to track me down to get the ok. it is not their job to be the go between the fosters and me. if I can't be reached by phone, send me an email but the clinics will no longer book appointments unless I have given them approval.

if at any point fosters would like complete decision making control without my involvement, we just need to switch contracts from foster to adoption and I can then be left out of the loop completely. long as they are fosters, the animals legally belong to saints and cannot be treated by the vets without our approval.

sucks but true.

TO CLARIFY..If vets ask you to bring foster back to the clinic in a day or two or a week or two for a follow up for whatever the foster is being treated for as part of their ongoing treatment, then no you don't have to confirm that with me. obviously that is part of the vets recommended treatment plan and I will already know that cuz the vet will have told me.

I need to know when they are going into the clinics because they are sick and I don't know about that yet.



most likely around 10 or so and yes she will need ongoing skin care..that kind of skin issues are chronic.


OMG Andrea could be Yoda's sister. Carol how old is Andrea & will she need meds ongoing for her skin, or will she just need good care once cleared up?


that is more than fair that you be contacted first and approve of the visit. i have no problem with that jelly is going back in on oct 23 for another skin scraping. you may already know this. hope andrea feels better tonight. she sure is a cute little girl.


thx sherie...I am putting further hiring discussions with prospectives on hold right now..i just don't want to deal with it for a bit.
and I will post final closures for mini and lance with pics, just not quite there emotionally yet....hopefully in a day or two.


Hi Carol, I am so very sorry about Mini Me and Lance. Heartbreaking and just not fair from any angle. I am thinking of everyone at SAINTS. Would it be possible to post a few photos of them as you usually do when one of yours pass?
Also re barn help. I know a couple of mature, reliable people with tons of large animal experience. Not sure of the hours you need and the pay. But I could put out feelers if you like. Let me know when your next in at the clinic.
xxxxxx Sherie