Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 5, 2013

andrea is ok...looks like gastroenteritis. should clear up in a few days with meds and a gastro diet.

the new undersized steer will not be arriving until the 19th.

orion and Passat ate on their own today, hopefully this continues so I don't have to force feed them, meds for them and they are still on strict isolation.

I switched the house back on to the far so good. the barn is to stay on the tank until it is empty so as to not overstress the well.

bedtime is sad without mini, dog runs are sad without lance.

I still feel like I am caught in a thick fog..hope it clears pretty soon.



You are amazing. I hope your heart heals soon. I am just about to take my two boys out for a run and will think of all the saints!



Nice to hear Orion and Paset are eating on their own again. Hope the new meds sort them out!