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closed borders, locked doors.

Carol  ·  Oct. 7, 2013

owen, the blind, deaf, incontinent cocker arrives later today or early tomorrow. with the change in regulations, he will most likely be the last of the no hope wrecked seniors to come here and escape the LA death barrels. I get why this had to happen..too many morons importing to flip a good dog for a nice chunk of change and we did have to stop that. no one should be making a living selling lives.

I have my doubts tho if this will help Canadian dogs. Canadian adoptable dogs usually find is the unadoptable ones that don't. the new regulations should cut down on American dogs eventually ending up in canadian shelters. we may find tho that to meet the Canadians needs of cute little dogs that are easily obtainable, puppy millers and BYB will just pump out more and more babies and continue to fill our shelters with more and more Canadian dogs.

in the end really? Canadian or american? is not a dog just a dog?

the problem of pet over population and unwanted animals finding their ways into the shelters..has never actually been an animal has always been a human problem and we are just not willing to really accept that yet.

stopping some little fuzzy cute thing at the border and sending it back down to the death barrels in LA is not going to get the homeless pitty/rotti/husky mix a home in BC....maybe it sounds good on paper, but paper words are just feel good fantasy.

we are consigning to death the victims of the problem instead of taking on the problem itself which is simply human wants and greed.

until we regulate which humans are responsible enough to care well for the entire life of another living being..until we put down our foot and insist that pet guardianship is a priviledge and not a right...there will always be too many victims on both sides of the border. closing the gates from one country to the next won't help any of them..they are still going to be helpless, homeless and facing death...and there will always be far too many.

it is what it is and we are too stupid to change it.

we are locking the barn door after they are all out and at is that going to save them?

may god and the animals forgive us....we fight for freaking geography instead of their lives.



I am looking forward to meeting Owen..for whatever reason he has got me thinking about Larry. Hope he arrives safe n sound and transitions well.

Barbara DeMott

Hi Carol,
What are the new regulations for importing dogs from the USA?
I hadn't heard that there were changes. My Raven comes from the USA; she was a foreclosure dog. Are the regulations for single dogs adopted overseas or for bringing in multiple dogs?
Thanks for the info, Barbara


Carol there has been a lot of confusion and misinformation going around about the new regulations. As far as I can determine the changes only affect dogs under 8 months coming into Canada. Before rescued dogs were in a separate category with fewer regulations but now they are to be considered commercial and treated the same as all the other puppies that are brought by for profit companies for sale at pet stores, online brokers etc. Rescued dogs (again only those under 8 months) will now be required to had a health certificate and an import permit which were not required before. The import permit will not be any problem for those who bring in large volumes of young dogs on a regular basis and in fact the permit process favours those who deal in high volume so in effect this new regulation only makes it more difficult for those legitimate rescues who deal with one or two dogs at a time.

Regulations for dogs over 8 months remain the same. Rescues have always been subject to the same requirements as other commercial imports. No permit or health certificate are required, only a rabies certificate.

Cheryl and stef

Hi Carol, Just reading this post and can you tell me abit about the regulations. Is it just the USA that there is a problem with? We have many dogs from The Caribbean that are traveling to their new homes crossing borders into Canada. Tried to look it up online and do not see any regulations thru the Government yet? Thought maybe you could steer me thru to the site that you have seen
Thanks Carol