Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 8, 2013

fernando just got his naked little butt permanently removed from my room..i caught the little bastard on top of jerry and jerry has a couple of small nicks on his face.

I don't really care if jerry started it, jerry is the reigning resident ancient asshole in that room and no one is going to de-throne him.

sucks to be a stupid Mexican hairless...lose my trust with the old frail guys and you won't ever be sleeping under my covers again.

welcome to phoebe's, jazzy's and pepper's world....hope you like living with the other previously pissed off carol crew in the computer room. and speaking of pissing me off pepper..if he doesn't quit bugging the cats..i am moving him next to the big dog room.

owen seemed to do ok today...I had him out for a nice sniff around the yard before the rain hit so that was good. he has gone back to sleep again, slo mo sniffing was done...that old dog sleeps a lot.

oh freaking yay...jazzy and Fernando are playing. this was supposed to be a punishment, not a playtime reward.

I picked up an old rotti today on my way home from work...he was just walking down the road on his own.

green goopy eye...needs some arthritis pain meds, his coat could use a nice bath and a brush and I think his mouth might be sore...other than that was not in all that bad of shape. he's not been any kind of pampered pet, more likely thoughtlessly mildly neglected. looks like his folks missed he was growing old. I called animal control to come pick him up and sheri said she would talk to the owners about his care needs if they called. he seemed like a really nice dog. hope someone takes him to the vet for some decent old dog meds....honestly so many people are just absolutely clueless about the increasing care needs of their aging pets....drives me right up the wall.

hope floats he gets a little bit better care.

I think that is pretty much all of todays news.


Brenda Mc

Yeah Mo; I will be wearing boots from now on - no more sandals with open toes. Roxy did a nice job - 3 bites actually on the same big toe, but I'll live.... My first dog bite in 7 years - I think that's pretty good!


"…lose my trust with the old frail guys and you won’t ever be sleeping under my covers again."

I'm definitely using that in the future.


can we keep the old rotti lol sounds like he would do much better at saints.


HaHaHa..bit her big toe.... for some reason that really cracks me up..sorry Brenda


That sounds like the rotti I picked up once running down the middle of Stave Lake one morning on my way to Saints. I took him to animal control and his owner did pick him up later that day. I talked to the owner a few months later when his dog got loose again and he came to Saints looking for him. Apparently the dog gets loose a lot. The owner was complaining that it cost him money to get him out of animal control!!!!


Hey, Phebes is misunderstood, she is just trying to be the bright spot in everyone's day.
As for Pepper, picking on the cats is not cool. I would have turfed his butt out of the computer room already. Didn't the computer room cats have enough terror when Preacher was in there?

Carol have been hanging out with tammy. that's her party line for the phoebe defense league (# of members?