Rescue Journal

lets face it...size does matter.

Carol  ·  Oct. 9, 2013

crazy horse breaks all of my rules around sometimes dogs bite for a reason...someone is trying to touch them and they don't want to be touched, they are guarding something they don't want to be taken away, they are hurt or in pain or confused and demented or they seriously misunderstood what was actually when I put my leg in front of odie's blind face.

those bites are usually a quick " F off."

I am not a fan of dogs who come looking for trouble...the ones that come seeking their victim from across the room or the yard. I am also not a fan of dogs who multiple bite. one bite is good enough to get their point across...two or three, one right after another, (unless they are being hurt or restrained and are in total terror...odie-san!) tells me the dog has some serious anger/fear/controlling themselves issues.

roxy went leaping across to bite Dionne today when dionne stopped in to see andrea. the first bite was the finger which was no where near her...and it was a hard one..the second was Dionne's thigh (roxy could only reach Dionne's thigh cuz she was up on the bed)..not quite as bad but totally over the top unnecessary as far as I am concerned.

roxy if she was a shepherd, a pitty, an 80 pound mutt... would be in a great deal of trouble because I would be thinking of euthanizing her...she has crossed my personally acceptable, understandable biting lines far too much.

but fer chrissakess, that mini, nasty, one eyed maniac weighs something like 5 or 6 pounds. she couldn't seriously hurt someone even tho she really does want to.

is it fair that this little biting wasp gets away with shit that a big dog can't? of course it isn't.... but who the hell ever said life was fair???

crazy horse is times she is a raving nutbar. and it doesn't really matter that only erin, renee and I get to see the really sweet tiny thing who just wants to be loved...there are a lot more people around here than just us.

I think from now on..roxy will have to be in her pen when anyone she might bite is on site. she can come out at night when everyone is gone.

heaven help us all from the miniscule freaking crazy ass dog....she is so lucky she is so little, next life she better not come back as a big biting dog.



she lost the eye in Canada...she launched an attack on a big dog in her original Canadian rescue's foster home and lost her eye when he retaliated.

i don't think her biting is a really new thing...she is pretty darn good at it.

i think her original rescue dumped her because either they didn't know she was a biter or they knew and were stupid enough to think rescuing her from the shelter would fix everything and she would become a not biting chi.


I have learned my lesson and won't make friends with her unless she decides it is time. She is just so cute and she bites really hard.


Or maybe Roxy is just anxiously awaiting the season premiere of The Walking Dead. Once again getting into the spirit of the show.

shelagh f

Roxy must have had some redeaming qualities that made
someone want to save him, and bring him to Canada.
Wonder what happened along the way, or someone just
had rose coloured glasses on when they saw a poor
little dog with only one eye.


Roxy is one of my favorite dogs! I adore her little crazy self. I'm sensing a pattern with the dogs I fall in love with, Fourlane, Jessie, Roxy...


So Roxy is taking the volunteers/staff down one by one. Maybe she knows there is a slasherfest on AMC next week in prep for Halloween and she is just getting into the spirit of it all.

Brenda Mc

You're hilarious Erin - I knew it was Bo you were talking about too. He is a sweet dog - thank goodness he was never a biter. He's more of a kisser - a very wet kisser! I hope all is going well with him and his family.


He looks like a dog who has found his place. His dream come true, his prayers answered, how many cliches can i think of? He is loved.


I just love roxy, so much spunk! (Sorry dionne and brenda:)) speaking of crazy ass huge pitbull type dogs....guess who just made out with a giant boob? MEEEEE! (Yes i know what i just said, and yes thats what i meant to say) damn i miss that dog but o so happy for him and his family.