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not in top form.

Carol  ·  Oct. 9, 2013

I took a sick day today...last night at midnight I woke up with battery acid running thru my guts. jesse and I had been sharing my zantac and we were out and we missed 2 days. stupid. the amount of anti inflammatories I take just to get thru the day make zantac critical...this time around I bought us two big bottles! (jesse seems to be ok with the missed doses by the way.)

I am ok now...I finally was able to get it together and hit pharmacy at noon, note to myself do not ever run out again.

since I was home and glued to my butt because I had no energy in me to move...I pretty much just sat here and screwed around with erin's day...I think her day was brilliantly productive.

pepper got moved to the big dog room...gerty got moved to the computer room (yay no more chewing on my bedtime face!) chance got the new puppy pens set up for him in the computer room so he can be in closer contact with me. and owen has been moved up into the laundry room which got that freaking big pen out of my room and gave ewok who wants to sleep next to me back her sleeping space.

pepper is upset that he got booted over to the big dog areas but that is just too bad. everyone else is pretty much ok with the moves..esp. got three dogs in 24 hours the heck out of my room.

I never woke up this morning until erin arrived..but I still only got a couple of hours sleep so I think I should sleep really well tonight. the only thing is I was so out of sync that I totally forgot to give the diabetics their insulins this morning....brain dead stupid was running freely. I will do them early tonight since they will only get one dose in and cross my fingers I have not totally screwed up their blood sugars for more than a day or two.

Fernando really should learn that computer chairs are only big enough for one person...not two. he is squished in behind my back... if he can't sleep under my covers then he will still sleep glommed on to me somehow, somewhere...somewhen.

this naked dog is determined, one way or another... to nap sticking to me like glue.




i wonder if flurbiprofen would work for you.

i use it for inflammatory pain. (joints, back) it's prescription, and works better than iburopfen, though it's in the same family.

you'd likely have the same stomach issues (though mine is fine, i do take nexium if needed- i have other issues that are probably not related to the medication), and it might work better than ibuprofen. maybe you could ask your doctor about it?
it's also known as "Ansaid", marketed by Pfizer, and "Froben" by Abbott. i get the generic, of course, so i only know it by the generic name.

you need to take it regularly, and since you already do that with the ibruprofen, i thought it might be easier on you/work better?

a previous pain specialist/rheumatologist recommended it to me for pain control. she herself said she'd never be able to get out of bed unless she took her daily dose.


We all have a Jekyll and Hyde within ourselves, Puff and sometimes Phoebe just allow it to come out.

Brenda Mc

Well Fernando IS adorable, but I could think of a few other adjectives for Phoebe and Puff, and none of them come close to "cute". I think Tammy is misunderstood too!- (or we should at least all pretend we misunderstand her)- hee hee
The laundry area sounds like a good space for Owen for now, but you took the one little dog out of your bedroom that will actually play and put up with Roxy- (Gerty). I need someone in there to keep her away from my toes.! Just kidding. Glad you're feeling better Carol.


Sounds like Fernando has a little Phoebe in him, squishing onto the computer chair with you. Not to mention they are both absolutely adorable. Fernando is definitely the third cutest dog there, right behind Phoebe and Puff.