Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 11, 2013

I am exhausted from just getting home!

chewie needed his water and bedding freshened for the night, then I took him out to the memorial garden for a pee. the mp dogs needed a pee break..everyone else needed a quick check. I grabbed riley, capone, mystic, june, boomer and jake and took them for a quick field run. when we came back I let all of the little guys out of my room for a pee. once they were back in the house I let out odie, benny and phoebe. then I put them away, grabbed owen for his wander about in the yard. when he was done I put him back and cleaned up a couple of accidents and let out the computer room dogs. then I noticed the floor mats were too close to the fireplace and that wasn't safe, so I ran out to the shop and set up an xpen as a fireguard... hour and a half later... I was satisfied that everyone was currently ok and reasonably safe!

chewie is significantly better today...brighter, more steady on his feet and he is not constantly dripping blood and pus from his mouth! renee got his putrid slimed up front legs cleaned up and that had to feel so good for him.

he really is not all that keen tho on going out..he likes his soft bed in the pen, he likes his clean water and good food. he reluctantly went out with me, but he was way more in a hurry to go back in.

outside dog finds comfort inside and is afraid to risk its loss.

not to worry will never again be shut out of a comfortable human house.

I am feeling kind of hopeful...such a vast improvement in his overall wellbeing in just 24 hours. man when all of his meds kick in, he just might be a totally brand new dog and that will be so nice for him.

hope, faith and Sullivan are settling in well. they are bopping around their spacious pens, eating, drinking and checking everything out.

more dog moves today...chewie moved over into max's mp room pen. max moved over into chance's new computer room pen with chance. andrea moved to the computer room and she likes it better because roxy is not here trying to get her to play. phoebe had to move out of the computer room because I do not trust her with sweet little dogs like andrea. phebes is now back in the entrance way which she likes a lot anyway so all is good on that score.

now everyone is going to be confused tomorrow on which dogs go where...simple attention to where you originally find them and make sure at the end of the day you put them back there.

oh here I will do you guys a list...maybe someone can print it off and bring it up here tomorrow...

mp building..

puff is in is usual spot

mastiffs are still in the office

tess. nikki and cc are in the mp room

chewie is in max's old pen.

big dog room

as per usual...jesse, june, mystic, jake, boomer, and ANDY! (and pepper if he is being a dick head.)

my room...

ewok, jerry. nicki, tina, bambi, angel, daphne, hilda, and roxy in her crazy horse pen...(pepper can be in my room as long as he is being good.)




odie, benny and squirt

laundry area...


computer room...

Fernando, gerty, andrea, jazzy, crash and buddy

computer room pen...

chance and max.

did I forget anyone?????



i am bringing more apple pears this weekend so why pay for them when i have them. that is if the animals like them i brought a big bag fri told u dionne they were in the shop. will bring more sun shold be good until then. hey erin if i feed the dogs more i will bring some myself. lol after all most of the m dont get any extra during the week (ERIN)


actually a fern is a plant...a green plant. Fernando looks more like a mushroom.
ahh yes andy!...he is still in the big dog room too!

shelagh f

thanks, Erin, we are going to put the lawns and
garden to bed for the winter, we hope, so that will
save me two trips.


Sorry shelagh, if certain people (LYNNE) are careful with their feedings (LYNNE) through the weekend, all should be fine til monday.

shelagh f

erin, i posted in the comments below, (or Carol)
can the canned food manage till Monday?


can you tell erin that fern is a girls name and not for a boy. its no wonder he never answers her when she is talking to him lol


hey you have me jamie and diana in tomorrow. smart ladies we are do not worry about us. i always leave the dogs where i find them, even if they dont like it lol


Forgot andy :) i looked at that mat in the comp room and wasnt sure, guess i shouldve errd on the caution side huh, sorry. I still see sissy and buddys little plastic beds as close to the fireplace as possible, trying to get every last bit of heat they could. fern is probly the only dog in the world that has less hair than they did, and andrea doesnt really have much either. Hope they both like it in there.