Rescue Journal

ok...i am really worried about owen

Carol  ·  Oct. 12, 2013

I came home and he was laying in a small watery puddle of diarrhea, and while I can't see blood...I think I can smell blood. he is far weaker today than he has been up til now...maybe the beginnings of dehydration from fluid loss? or is he bleeding inside? so far his color is decent, his mucous membranes are moist...but he is really not well.

I syringed in a big dose of flagyl and a bit of water and pureed baby food. he was not happy with my old sick dog nursing skills. I will wait an hour or so and try him with some watered down gastro and see how he does.

in anyone as ancient as owen, even simple idiopathetic diarrhea (ie no known cause) can spell the final end for him....he is a not a wait and see for too long because even 24 hours can be too late.

fingers are crossed tonight for owen, that I caught whatever it is before he hits too little too late.

arghhh..I didn't know that I loved him already...shit!