Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 13, 2013

ok...maybe owen isn't hungry...he's eaten 7 jars of baby food so far today. so now I am thinking maybe he is lonely...maybe he has discovered that I, nice lady with soft hands and baby food, comes running if he barks.

crap...owen isn't sleeping as much as he he is awake and wanting stuff.

chewy had a good day...everyday he looks a little bit better. today I caught him snarling at nikki when she was trying to sniff his food bowl thru the gate. hah! I was right...inside the old, very sick dog is still a hungry dog who I don't know really well yet.

ko picked up some straw so we can get the pigs beds toasty and comfortable before the winter weather hits. the horses surrounded her truck and were taste testing the straw. it was nice just hanging around with them in the late afternoon while they were all just calmly being curious (and somewhat stupid...straw doesn't taste good!)

oh freaking yay..owen is calling again, I gotta go.



Just thought to let you know chewie snarls a lot at anyone who gets close to his gate and food. He stops as soon as you tell him to though.

Brenda Mc

Wow, amazing how fast Owen learned that loving touch and tasty food is available if he asks for it - very sad, and yet how wonderful for him. You've created a monster.... Touch, taste and smell have taken over from the senses of seeing and hearing - he has definitely found love at SAINTS. I hope he learns that he can peacefully sleep, knowing that what he craves will be there when he wakes up again, and you get some sleep too Carol. - and so lovely to hear about Chewy doing so well.