Rescue Journal

oh ferchrissakes....

Carol  ·  Oct. 13, 2013

I have created a owen monster.

"I cannot possibly eat any of your crappy gastro food but I would like some more of that nice baby food."

are you freaking kidding me? that shit is like two bucks for two tablespoons!!!! it would cost almost $20 a day just to feed you!

I have tried to outsmart him..i have tried mixing the baby food in with the gastro and then drizzling more across the top...he just licks it off.

and by the way..owen who NEVER barks, has in fact now learned to bark because he is freaking hungry!

bastard! he is being totally unreasonable!

(somewhat happy sigh...)....gritting my teeth and arguing with owen about appropriate DOG food today.



brenda he is like blonde buddy that beautiful blondy white color. he is absolutely adorable. u will love him to bits. so is chewey our black lab. he is gorgeous. and no brenda owen has tasted the baby food that is what he likes screw mixing it with gastro. nothing is too good for our little cocker. lol you will fall in love with him tho

Brenda Mc

Oh Carol; the way you write is so entertaining. What if you totally mixed the baby food in with the gastro food for Owen? That gastro canned food is gross - one of my cockers has to have it for pancreatitis flareups, but luckily she will eat anything, so it's ok. Mac (Max) on the other hand is fussy, and has decided that he will only eat GO canned chicken or turkey stew now - so that's what he gets - and he has also learned to bark when he's very excited for his food, and he never barks any other time (being totally deaf). Oh, what color is Owen? Just curious - I'll meet him next Sunday anyway


perhaps mum and i could make something special, and can it for you? we have a freezer with some otherwise fine things that are a little freezer-burned.


told u so lol once he had had some of the good stuff there was no going back hey that dogs not stupid he is from l.a. got the dogs pizza for tommorrow for thanksgiving