Rescue Journal

plumbing dreams can come true.

Carol  ·  Oct. 14, 2013

owen didn't poop at all yesterday...he hasn't pooped since his diarrhea explosion. so can everyone watch and let me know if he poops today..otherwise I am going to start worrying about constipation.

I liked it better when that dog slept 23 hours a day...he wasn't as big of a worry.

we need to get those new rabbits in for their neuter/spays asap because they are taking up two pens and we need one of those pens for Crosby and jingles before the weather gets too cold for them.

I bought a bunch of carpets yesterday to put up as weather flaps for the pigs and to cover the in and out dog doors. in and out access is great but in the cold weather it means tons of cold air gets in and that sucks cuz no one likes being cold.

one of the folks I took on a tour yesterday is going to start volunteering next week, super nice man. he teaches shop at a local high school and happened to let it slip that he can do various plumbing...yes! I am going to buy a new kitchen tap (ours is plugged again only lasts a year or so before the sand plugs it up) AND a new hand held shower thing cuz that hose is kinked and have them all ready to go for the next time he is here...people who plumb are so great!

I used to be married to a plumber, but I never really needed his skills until i started saints and by then it was too late. you just can't expect ex's to come and fix your ongoing plumbing problems. i suppose i could suck (guilt) him into it if i really tried but that wouldn't be right. oh win some you lose some but the world keeps going round and round and we now have a volunteer who knows how to plumb. no more paying 100 bucks an hour for the simple stuff! soooo happy about that! maybe he can come up with a way to help us so the water pipes no longer freeze in the winter..that would be so great!

oh well gotta go...stuff to more time for getting excited over plumbing dreams....i will hit him with my wish list next time he is here....yay!

we have handyman and plumbing covered... now we just need a nice volunteer electrician!

all things come to those that wait.


shelagh f

i took him out again before i left, and he just
peed, no more poos, just the one in the morning.
He is definitely house trained, as soon as he hit
the ground he sniffed and peed. He also did not
whine or bark at all when he was on his own before i picked him up


Carol call me re plumbing and electrician, I have a local plumbing company that will donate $1000.00 worth of product and also an electrician who may be able to help you out, just need more info. Both are friends of my son-in-law.