Rescue Journal

Apolcalypse Now

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2013

also known as pizza diarrhea traumatic disorder. apparently the staff are not fond of pizza days because they become loose poop a lot days. oops...sorry guys no more pizza pig outs allowed....30 dogs with the runs is not a lot of fun....not in anyone's world. too much of a good thing is not such a good thing after all. I am officially cutting off your pizza more pizza for our old guys!

and speaking of excesses..i finally figured out why the garbage dumpster is overflowing so badly again...a dozen full bags of bunny shavings from this weekend took up a ton of space...the dumpster is far too overflowing again. just a reminder to the bunny cleaners...soiled bunny shavings go into the shavings manure farm bin in the riding ring not the garbage dumpster bin.

easy to remember reminder..shavings into the shavings bin..garbage into the garbage bin...the dumpster is not big enough for the bunny room soiled shavings and we cannot financially afford to increase the garbage dumpster pick ups to once a week (we can barely afford every 2 weeks..) costs way too much money.

erin discovered that owen will eat pretty much anything (except gastro) if he is fed off a spoon...oh freaking yay..another dog with a silver spoon in his mouth, I am so excited about that.

chewie has really bad diarrhea today, and he can't afford that right now. it is going to get worse before it gets better because we treated him for a mass tapeworm infection tonight. hope he is strong enough to survive this, but he can't gain weight with all of those worms inside of him so it was time to get him done.

looks like little linus ( the kitten I took in last week) has found his permanent home. I talked to Jennifer at the clinic today and linus is working out great so I guess I better get the adoption paperwork filled out.

the tentative plan is for teddy (the abandoned pom cross from up north) to arrive on Friday am. shelagh has kindly offered to go to airco and collect and ferry him out to saints. thx shelagh!

the new rabbits are booked in for their spays/neuter later this week.

tess has a return of her past vaginal infection, so we will need to start flushing her again. poor tess, she freaking hates that!

I wonder if she has a slow growing cancer inside her somewhere...just so weird that after treating her last time for so very long, having the infection stay away for many, many months...suddenly it is back again...poor babe.

I think that is pretty much all of the news from today.



Yes, no problem Mo. We can come thru the backyard and check with the barnyard folks that it's O.K. to come through the gate.


Yay for Linus. Sorry I didn't get to meet him but happy he found his forever home.


We can work this out...can you guys come through the backyard though...walking across the field with big plastic bags has the potential to " set-off " the horses , which will set off everyone else...also the cows tend to be very very curious about what is in that bag you are carrying...which in turns gets the goats very curious about what is in the bag...get the picture :-)


Sorry Carol there was so many bags this last weekend from the rabbit room all the runs needed cleaning out.

After Penny was bitten by Brad Pitt some time ago i recall being told to put the shavings double bagged in the garbage container.

It was alot this weekend we usually do not have that much. I am fine with dumping them as before in the bin in the barnyard and iam sure we can speak to mo and work out a time.

I hope the spay and neutering of Sullivan, HOpe and Faith go very well they are lovely rabbits . Keep us posted on how they are .


We usually dump the bunny shavings when we're finished with everything else, so probably around 11:30 a.m. - noon. We'll make sure Brad isn't loose before we cross the barnyard, and we can check with Mo or any of the other barnyard volunteers first. It should work out O.K.


ahhh..I wondered if this all stemmed back from brad pitt,,,.memory sucks.
well...we have to do something about the dumpster because it simply cannot hold the volume that we keep trying to shove in.
lets go back to the bunny room using the farm bin but not when brad is in the riding ring.
penny... what time do you guys need to dump shavings and mo what time is brad out for his free-time?
logistically we should be able to work some kind of safe schedule out.


Carol - just to clarify about the bunny shavings - some months back, the weekend volunteers were asked to put the shavings in the dumpster and not in the manure farm bin. That was after Brad Pitt thought I was carrying a bag of food and knocked me to the ground, and you were concerned about the weekend volunteers walking out to the bin.