Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2013

lynne...both gertie and andrea came in from animal control with health issues...gertie... luxating patells, elongated palate, restricted nasal passages (all from really shit-poor breeding) and andrea with chronically bad skin (which is most likely from pretty poor breeding too.).

owen had diarrhea again last night...most times I got him outside in time...a couple of times I didn't. I better pick up some hamburger and rice and cook for him for the next week or so. the baby food is just not good enough and he will not eat the gastro.

it was another night of disrupted sleep and I am tired today.

thanks to all of the long weekend warriors it was a great weekend....esp. big thx to those of you who were here all three days of the long weekend, greatly, greatly appreciated that you gave up the entire weekend for our guys!!!

we moved charlotte last night to her new abode. it is a nice area with a really nice house. but I still do want to further enlarge her outside yard. at least she is more in the middle of stuff and more accessible and not blocked off like she was. hopefully we can get the pigs winterizing complete this week while the good weather holds and I will look at how to extend her yard a little bit more.

today was the day I was supposed to make a decision about chewie and how much quality of life he can possibly have...and I can't quite decide yet. I guess a good portion of this decision comes down to if he will be able to move out of that pen and safely move into one of the communal areas and I am not sure that he can. he is still too weak and his food issues add a kink into the moving him anywhere plan.

I would like to see him out, toddering around the fields and barns...maybe even enjoying a swim in the pond. not sure we can get him there and laying around in a pen, waiting to be cleaned up, walked and fed, I am not sure is good enough. it might might be far better than what he had...fresh food, fresh water, good and appropriate symptom control meds, clean, soft and dry inside bed, nice caring people around him is all good...but is it good enough?..that's comfort, but where is the joy in living with just having that?

anyway...thinking about chewie for a little while more yet.



I met owen yesterday , just for a moment, but with him...that is all it takes to grab your heart , sweet dog , I hope he is feeling better soon. Chewy the dog is georgeous (sp) I wish he wasn't as sick as he is, and I hope he does well & we can make it work for him. Come on Chewy, feel good & trust us, it will be wonderful for you.

As for Fernando.. OMG.. I am in LOVE. I took several little video clips of him running around with his cute (?)sweater on, carrying a stuffy ball that is 3 or 4 times bigger than him...and every time I watch them..or show em to somebody, it brings a smile to my face & makes me laugh...what a treasure.


I always do the canned pumpkin as well.... never a problem with leftovers though.. just add cinnamon & sugar & heat. YUM!

another Doreen

There's also dehydrated pumpkin available called Diggin* Firm Up Pumpkin. It's been pretty effective with my dogs - firmed up the one that needed that and helped keep the other one looser.
I get it at Oly's in Chilliwack so assume Oly's in Abbotsford would have it as well. Easier for me and then I don't have to worry about the rest of the tin of pumpkin going bad or fussing about freezing and thawing it.


Poor Owen. Have you tried a spoonful of pure pumpkin puree in his food? (not the pie filling with spices) That is the only thing I've found for diarrhea when my old dogs get it.