Rescue Journal

really?...i mean REALLY?

Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2013

let me just count the ways to drive me insane...

"rescue" a senior dog from a vet and 3 months later after discovering he pees in the house, is not good with kids or other dogs...ask to trade him for one of our housetrained, kid friendly and dog loving guys.

I vote we trade him for odie.


how about I take a good chunk of saints 3 very small acres, shove all of our 120 animals over into even less space so another rescue group can build a place right here, with us, and bring in more animals.

how does this even make sense? we barely have room for the ones we already have...a whole 'nother rescue with even more animals on site is going to make this so much better?

two nights of not getting into the house until after 7 pm cuz I am running around on the way home picking up meds..i am so not in the mood for these kind of wishful thinking emails...I have my own wishful thinkings that someone will just snap their fingers and fix all my problems too.

whatever...not likely, at least not in the real world.

chewie is not doing well...he still will not eat today. I called the vets..the de-worming should not have more than a 12 hour effect on him plus his mouth is starting to bleed again. last ditch dog deserves to die without a trial of steroids. I hiked out to abbotsford after work and picked up a dexamethasone injection and brought it home and gave it to him. if no significant improvement in the next 24 hours, we have hit the end of the road with him. please chewie..grab hold of those steroids and keep going for a little while, I want to see you playing in the fields before you go.

owen can find his way back to the door on his own now..i am so very proud of our little blind boy. three times in a row in the last 2 days he has made his way back to the door after his pee. yay owen!

tomorrow's incoming...three senior cats, one senior dog (hopefully, teddy actually gets on the plane!) and one not senior but dwarf sized steer. that is a lot of intakes in one day...and by the way..all doors and gates are now closed for a bit again...saints inn is full in all areas.

(and where is that pencil?..i need to stick it in my eye to relieve the pressure inside my brain.)



yes please Dionne...good idea. I was thinking there was no way to get him there without passing Emily and joy but I can lead him around the back of the barn!


Carol in case I don't see you, do you want the barn that jingles and Crosby are in set up for chevy?


Actually forget the comment about zenequin above its good for uti not uri!


I find needles are so much better for sticking in the eye to relieve brain pressure. Anyhooo have you tried Ebony on Zenequin? Very good long term antibiotic for uri cats. Can be given for six weeks or longer. I find it works well.