Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 17, 2013

it was a better night..i think I was only up twice.

owen is ok...he had a close encounter with odie yesterday and odie the asshole punctured his ear. another reminder to all of us to check gates are latched properly behind us so no one gets hurt. I can't make odie stop being an asshole but I can eventually make every human being here totally paranoid about being careful going in and out of doors and gates cuz no one wants any of our animals to be hurt.

I am still thinking hard about chewie..not a great day for him yesterday, he didn't want to eat. hopefully it is just left over from his de-worming. I have decided to watch him over the weekend..give the de-wormer a chance to work and then see where he is at. but we need him to start picking up a bit more than he has been to get him closer to what I consider a decent quality of life. it sucks that he can't give his opinion so I am watching to see what he might be trying to say.

chevy, the new undersized steer is arriving tomorrow evening after I get home from work. I need the field empty from barn guys for his arrival so he and the cows can safely meet over the fence. normally I wouldn't worry too much about new cow greetings, except chevy has horns and excited cows toss around their heads and I don't want his tossing head anywhere near one of our guys belly's.

I so wish he had been dehorned as a it is too late. I hope he instinctually knows those things are dangerous and is careful with where he tosses his head. it is going to take me some time to get used to him having them...I know he is a nice cow but cows really are not too bright with what they do with their heads.

oh well..I guess I am about to learn about cows and horns...sometimes I really do not want to learn any more new some things I am content with blissful ignorance.

I think the new bunnies go in today for their spay/neuters...that is a bit of a worry. bunnies and anaesthetics is always a big worry, really hope everyone does ok and comes home safely. I have only lost one bunny to surgery and that was many years ago but still I worry cuz I do know the risks. fingers are crossed all goes well.

roxy definitely doesn't feel safe enough to come up on my bed at night with pepper in my room. I can't move roxy cuz she is a total maniac so I am sorry but pepper who is only mildly deranged will have to again get the boot out of my room. now I have to decide where to put him...he hates the big dog room.

I guess I better move my butt and get into work.



are they thick and absorbent paper towels? cuz I want something decently thick, absorbent and good quality between my hand and some dog's poop.