Rescue Journal

finding hope floating again.

Carol  ·  Oct. 18, 2013

I slept 5 full hours in a row, without waking up...given my recent sleep track record over the past 6 weeks...amazing!

and thank god it is Friday.

oh. wait. no.

it's also multiple admission day = multiple new worries for the next few days...ugh.


the gates are now closed, so no new worries after these new worries settle so that has to be good..yes?

maybe no?

depends on how everything else around here goes..hopefully things start clicking into place, crises take a back seat and we get some boring, just peaceful and quiet tick along nicely days.

hope floats.

maybe there is a light at the end of this recent dark tunnel?

I think I can see it.

hope floats once again!

I think that is another hard part of rescue..trying to get my brain to think more in positive terms instead of wallowing around in the negative...a decent not so stressed out sleep helps.

we still have a bunch of loose ends to tie up, I am sure there are a lot of new things just waiting to go wrong. I see a couple of soon and for sure deaths hovering around. but I also feel again, like there is an actual point in going on.

sometimes the real trick to surviving in rescue is not only the ability to hunker down and weather the storms, but the ability to believe that the sun will shine again. and life...(and death)..even with what it is, so just bite the freaking bullet and learn to live with it.

good morning everyone..i actually feel ok again.


hope floats yet again!