Rescue Journal

broken throat

Carol  ·  Oct. 19, 2013

my voice is now man-deep, my words slide to silent the more words I try to say. the dogs are all looking at me...WTF are you doing??...just yell it out clearly like you always do!!

I can't. and knock it off in a half heard whisper, is totally ineffective. I need a bullhorn (or a baseball bat) today.

sigh..I am a partial mute and the only sign language I know is "popcorn" and "milk"...useless in rescue.

oh...and "F-you"..that might be handy depending on how my day goes today. whatever, I am sure my voice will come back at some point once the razor blades go away.

heads up to the mp building folks...shawn will not be in today..her mom is in the hospital.

I will come over to help but no one talk to me cuz I don't want to have to hurts and I sound like a goof.


shelagh f

just spoke with Cam, or texted, no chance for the
famous Teddy to come today, so if he's coming Sunday
I will get him. Will advise if and when he is on his