Rescue Journal

come back on wednesday

Carol  ·  Oct. 21, 2013

no better..might be even worse.

the dogs are starting to bug me...shut up, dont move..oh gawd, please don't touch are touching me, stop it..go over there.
oh yeah..i am worse..the dogs never bug me like that.
another day or two and I should be feeling better...whatever, until then.

I have no news. I dont give a ratz ass about anything going on around me at this particular moment.
and I dont give a shit about rescue.

oh..everyone keeps asking me the names of the new cats...fairlane-house...yoda-mp communal...sylvester-medical room. and all I know or care about them right now is they are all eating and drinking...if that changes, let me know.

I might be more interested... interesting.... on Wednesday.



I can tell you that Yoda in the MP room is a real sweet cat. He was even rolling around and playing with his catnip toy and the feather toy in his cage. He kept telling me yesterday that he is ready to leave the cage and enter the world of SAINTS.


" fairlane-house " .. OK Lynn remember this is Fairlane...not Fourplay...LOL..on top of the time Tyra knocked you down & flipped you face first into the sawmp.. I laugh when I remember you asking if Fourplay was allowed out when Fourlane first came to SAINTS.. RIP little guy . Thanks for the laughs Lynn.

Hope you start to feel better Carol