Rescue Journal

sick house update.

Carol  ·  Oct. 22, 2013

erin is trying to get rid of me..she does not like my germs floating around and apparently I am cramping her style. she is trying to entice me into making a trip to IHOP..even giving me directions to the one in abbotsford and suggesting I call tammy to drive me. so not subtle at all.
screw that...when I feel better, I will make my own gawd dam pancakes..i do not like strawberries and whipped cream on them anyway.
sigh...I am a burden in my own home.
I do feel a tiny bit better, at least the cold-flu meds feel like they are actually helping a little today...I washed the dishes..that was my only major effort so far today. maybe tomorrow I will do something else.

I spend the morning in the computer room sometimes awake, sometimes not...the afternoon in the bedroom...mostly not awake much at all. most everyone not human in the house is getting the opportunity to lay with me or near me if they want. eventually I will be back on my feet and doing something...maybe tomorrow. goes on in the sick very slow motion, but it is still going on.



I made pancakes for dinner and I have leftovers for breakfast, my pancake craving is now satisfied.


Or you could just go to Rocko's where the food is always good. No need to truck all the way over to Abbotsford.


Haha i wasnt trying to be mean, carol neglected to mention that yesterday she was wondering if there even are ihops around here, and today she was looking thru her cupboards, looking for non existant junk food. I gave a suggestion lol nothing more. And carol, your not a burden, im a pain in the ass intruding in your house when all you want to do is be alone. Tommorow will be a better day.


ihop is the shits and so is dennys. erin do not be so mean just send her up to the shop suite and lock the door lol seriously hope you feel better soon.


I don't know about IHOP (I've only been there twice and the service was crappy both times) but Denny's has a nice Potato soup on the menu, its available Wed and Thurs. Plus they have pancakes.