Rescue Journal

hope floats

Carol  ·  Oct. 23, 2013

I would think that an international house of pancakes, would be the expert in pancake making and have the very best pancakes around. but since I have never been to one maybe this is not so.

squirt has a pooh butt...just waiting for erin to get here so we can fix that up for him. this is the house at pooh corner and we ARE the experts on pooh butts here.

I think I am feeling quite a bit better longer feeling like I am dying, just feel like I have a cold. I had a good sleep last night, only woke up once instead of every hour or two.

I think I have to finally get out and do the feed run..been putting it off for days but think I am ok now to get it done.
I took the dogs for a run last night..that was an exercise in pissing me off. I still was feeling really weak and it was like the dogs were mirroring me...they just sat on the hill and did nothing when I wanted the mastiffs especially to get up, move their butts and poop. I finally had to walk around the pond and up the hill to get them to move.
jake however was not being lazy..he was in the middle of a scent freak out and would not come back up the hill. this meant I had to go back down and get him which pretty much did me in.

anyway..i will do a few things today to get myself back in gear and I am thinking I should be back up to full speed by the weekend...hope floating here.


shelagh f

we're going to try again for Thursday for the morning
1015 or afternoon flight 1615


hi cindy..go thru the website adopt@saints address and hook up with dawn..she can explain the fostering process.


I would consider fostering Pepper. Would like some more info on him and would like to spend some time with just him. Thx Cindy