Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 24, 2013

septic problems..the tanker cleaner truck thing cannot come until later this afternoon.

this creates two big problems
A. we can't do laundry cuz the washer will not drain.
B. I have to pick up angel at the vets in maple ridge at the end of the day so if the truck is not here before I go, I need someone here to meet them and give them a cheque while I am gone.

can anyone fix either of these problems for me today???

just so you know, I have taken care of the other big problem on my own...the plumbers are coming to fix the broken toilet in the house that will not stop running and filling the septic tank up.

gotta go..the vet is on his way to see the barn guys..busy freaking rescue plumbing shit day.



As for the toilet, isn't there a turnoff valve at floor level? If so, turn it off after using it may temporarily solve the problem and save the septic.


I might be able to whip up there. Can u phone me when u have to leave if he's not been there yet? Any idea what time?