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raise your hands.

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2013

so I have just come from a hot bath and contemplating my ugly leg (courtesy of odie.) it has been 3 months now..not going to get any better than it is now I suppose. what brought it to mind was our wound care clinician was in today and asked how it was doing so I showed her..she suggested a tattoo to disguise it.

I have been bitten by many dogs and a few of those bites were really bad bites, taking a long time to heal. but this is the first time I have been noticeably disfigured and I have to say, it still somewhat pisses me off.

raise your many people were happy I did not off odie for biting me so badly?
(my hand is raised.)
raise your many people want me to totally forgive odie and not get pissed off every time I look at my leg?
(my hand is raised.)

Sheila is always looking for ways to torture me close to the pub night in march. she believes torturing me is a fun way to raise money for saints.
so I am about to make Sheila really happy....we have 5 months to raise a ton of cash.

raise your many people would donate money to see some part of odie tattoo'd on my ugly leg..over top of the wound?
(my hand is NOT raised..i took the bite and I will take the tattoo needles but I am not paying a freaking cent for it!)

here's what I am thinking...
if we raise 5 grand..i will have odie's head tattoo'd on my ugly leg...
if we raise ten grand I will have that dog's ass tattoo'd on my leg..complete with his upright f#@& you carol tail.
if we raise 15 grand..i will have a nice full body attractive portrait of odie on my leg that I won't mind in the least looking at.
and if OMG! we raise 20 grand..i will happily keep ugly leg just the way odie left it and forego the added pain of a tattoo!

collecting pledges for this will give everyone something to do.

what do you guys think? are you in? raise your hands!

(and may I just remind everyone that tattooing freaking hurts, and I have gone 55 years without subjecting myself to it so it is worth A LOT of cash and I will probably really forgive him if his biting me earns a bunch of money for or no tattoo.)



Lol..good observation Brent..My hand is raised..lets shoot for $19,999...BWHAAAA. I actually really want a tat..i simply cannot decide on what and where.


Oops, I just re-read what I wrote. I hope you didn't think I was saying you have ancient, sagging skin. I was trying to say...when you finally arrive at that age, the tattoo will probably look worse than the scar it is meant to conceal.


I love the rich and vibrant new colours that are now available and I've seen some really gorgeous tattoos on some of my younger patients. That said, old, faded tattoos on ancient, saggy skin are hideous--I've seen many hundreds of those in my 24 years of nursing. If the scar bothers you that much, consider seeing a plastics doc or dermatologist.


So the answer is to raise 20 grand so Carol doesn't need to have a tattoo. Plenty of people at Saints have tattoos (including me) so Carol, it doesn't hurt THAT bad! My daughter just had a 4 hour tattoo done, and said it only really hurt towards the end when they were going back over stuff. She went to a really good tattoo artist in Abbotsford - if you need her name, I can get it for you!!!!!

shelagh f

I agree, on or near the wound itself might not be such a good
idea. I discreet little ODIE somewhere else might be a
better idea


slap a 30gm tube of Emla cream on the area and you won't feel a thing.


(PS: i'm not trampling the work of the wound care clinician- not physio, my bad- you saw at work. i just wish you'd have it more closely examined before you have something tattooed over it. it could turn into a long-term problem).


i would put money forward for a tattoo once you've been to a doctor, and you KNOW there's absolutely nothing else they can do for it. going to see someone at work isn't enough. (and DON'T do the nurse thing my mom does to me and say, "It's fine. there's a bump or whatever, but it's fine." i want PROOF!)

if there's a problem that is blood-related, a tattoo on top could be one of the worst things to do to it. suppose you get the tat, and they need to drain it again or do dog knows what ELSE down the line, and puncture RIGHT in the middle of the work? waste of money!
(maybe it would add to it, who knows??)

AND... if you get the all clear from doctors, had all the tests you need (like an ultrasound to see what kind of mess is left in there), i'm all for a tattoo if it's still unsightly to you.. so long as you do your research to find a good artist. they're few and far between, and you'll have to pre-book well ahead of time, AND expensive, so to do ALL these things, you've got plenty of time to fundraise!

i do expect photos during the experience, of course... right, Jenn??

LOL that's true... i can't imagine my own mother staying still for that long with her bad back and natural nursey manic behavior.... i'm not sure how Carol would react. she may need to be drugged to do it!

another Doreen

I've raised both of my hands twice - I think that covers all the "raise your hands" requests in this post!
Now to save up some cash to contribute...


The needles are not the issue, the issue is you have sit still for 1 or 2 hours - and by sitting still I mean no cell phone calls and no smoking. Never gonna happen.


I have tons of tattoos - some really big ones too that cover large part's of my body - it doesn't hurt as much as the bite probably hurt. The tattoo should be a beautiful one - Jenn has some gorgeous photos of him.


I raise my hand (s) and my husbands and my kids !!!! I will even organize the tattoo event!!!