Rescue Journal

from oct 27 2011

Carol  ·  Oct. 29, 2013

so i hike on out to chilliwack to pick up our three new little guys (saints welcomes: may, bruiser, and snickers …now known as nicky cuz we already have a snickers…at least for a little while more..) and i am pretty pleased with them all. may has some skin, eye, mouth problems but is a cheerful and happy girl and she is a senior shitz…. bruiser has ear, eye, mouth problems, a not so great tumour on his butt and probably cardiac issues..and while he is not exactly of the sunny personality persuation..he is most definitely a nice little guy..maybe a senior cocker/schaunzer cross? and nicky is just too funny…mr little busy butt and already my bestest little lap buddy with mouth, eye and ear issues plus his skin might be a tad yeasty for some reason….and he is a shitz/maybe terrier cross?

both may and nicky were adopted. nicky is in a great home and doing well the last that I heard, may became dawn's greatly loved Trudy who has sadly already passed away. bruiser is jenn's beloved foster dog bru, who drove me around the bend with his pining for her during her three week European honeymoon.

today was bru and may's day in court..2 years after their arrival here as spca cruelty seizures..they finally were given their chance to seek justice for the neglect and suffering they had endured.
I don't know if they will get it, our animal protection laws could be a lot better. what I do know tho is...all three of them left their painful, neglected, shitty lives behind them and had the chance to live something so much kinder, better, and happier.

thank god for the SPCA cruelty officers who have the strength and courage to do their job!


shelagh f

we fostered some dogs from a puppy mill situation once,
wire cages stacked 5 high and in a cold garage. We saw
the pictures the cruelty officers took. Poor dogs had
a lot of issues but did get better, enough to get loving
homes. We went to the trial of the terrible monster
who had done this, and you know what? She looked like
an ordinary housewife, no horns or crazy eyes. She
tried to give an explanation for what she had done, and
place the blame on others. She lost the battle to get
these guys back, but I always wonder what she is doing
now. Has she got more dogs? The spca only found out
about her from a tip from a disgruntled employee. Hope
Marcy Moriarty beats these guys up.

Janette Korabo

Snickers (aka Nicky) is doing great! He is a wonderful little dog and has become my best friend. He is healthy and active and comes everywhere with me in my travels as a barefoot hoof trimmer. Thank you Carol and Saints for giving this little guy another chance so we could find each other!


RIP are missed everyday and am so thankful I was the chosen one to be part of your life-however short our time was together.

Lori Paul

The SPCA in Chilliwack, where I live, is absolutely wonderful! They not only help domestic and farm animals but they also help wild animals. I found an injured rabbit in my yard and was told to take him to the Sardis Animal Hospital (just happens to be where we take our dogs and cat) and although they could only put the poor darling out of it's misery, I was not charged and I felt so much better knowing it didn't suffer any longer. I truly love the people in my community who work to help animals. And of course, I love SAINTS for the same reason. You all make this world a better place.


Yes thank god they do what they do! They are definitely special people! I know I could not do their job. THANK YOU!!!!!