Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Oct. 30, 2013

we no longer have a frail dog room over in the mp building. we brought tess and cc over to the house, moved Fernando, pepper and jazzy over to the mp room and turned it into a K9 detention center for dogs who have bad interspecies all of them are pain in the ass cat chasers and jazz is picking on crash which is pissing all of us off. nikki had to stay over there because she has been picking on cc.

everyone is a bit discombobulated with the moves, but hopefully they should settle in within a couple of days.

busy day tomorrow...a big tour group with Douglas College vet assistant students...there are usually like 30 touring thru! plus I need to do the barn feed run or we will run out before the weekend.

friday will totally suck..the vets are coming to do chevy's horns...arggghhh..I don't want to do this but for the safety of the others, we have to.



we already put up a fence a few feet inside the door so going in and out is totally safe.


So everyone now needs to be more aware of the door to the mp was easy with tess and cc they are slow but with little speed demons they can quickly slip out.


I must say tho..that tang is totally freaked out due to those little dogs chasing him..he doesn't feel safe in here right now. hopefully once he realizes that the dogs now in here are totally cat friendly, he will relax and feel safe again.


send puff out first, then the little guys can go out with everyone else. jazz will probably want back in before too long..pepper and Fernando will most likely stay out til the barn guys come back in.


you will love your new guys too shawn once you get to know them and tess esp. needed to be back over here..she thinks the sun rises and sets on me and wants to be with me and cc will be happier without nikki.


Can I have the protocol of letting dogs out when u get there? Puff has always been out first but I think these other guys go to barn too? Thanks