Rescue Journal

heads up on daphne

Carol  ·  Nov. 2, 2013

daphne is again in a life/death crises. only this time it is not an obstructed bladder.

I noticed her breathing was a bit rapid on Thursday night but attributed it to the fireworks..they terrify her. I asked the staff to watch her for peeing and pooping on Friday just in case those new two stones were causing her problem already. last night her breathing was still off, this morning it was even worse. I rushed her up to the vet thinking she was either bowel or bladder obstructed because of her spinal damage issues.

she is not obstructed, the ultrasound showed both were fine. however, she has massive amounts of fluid surrounding her heart and lungs. the xrays were inconclusive if this is an end stage cardiac event or if there is a tumor in her chest somewhere, there is just too much fluid to see anything clearly.. we know that one of her lungs is partially collapsed.

daph was becoming increasingly upset...being held on oxygen, xrays, ultrasounds and trying to drain some of the fluid off her chest. the vet gave her a massive dose of Lasix to try to move some of the fluid off, I brought her home where she feels safer and I will take her back in a few hours to re-xray and hopefully see what is causing all of this.

if it is cardiac disease..we will try to treat it, but it is severe enough that she will now be palliative. if it is a tumor, I will have to let her go today because she can't breathe and we won't be able to help her with medications to minimize this.

my heart is breaking over daphne today.



I am so sorry. I am owned by two doxies and this hits home :( All the best to wee Daphne.


Yep, so will the animals! They have no idea they will be eating an hour later. Time change always messes them up.

Brenda Mc

Waiting anxiously to hear the latest on Daphne - sure hope she comes home again today;
On a different note: Carol, please remember to turn your clock back tonight when you go to bed, or you'll be wondering where all the volunteers are in the morning!


Strength to you both.

I have a wonderful Wiener with congestive heart failure. The meds have been a wonder for him, but not sure for how long. I hope dear Daphne pulls through the crisis ...


My heart breaks for you..Daphne is a fighter and if she can overcome all that she has so far..I am holding on to the hope she will win this battle too. I wont even think about the alt..ernative. Come on Daphhy..u can do it !!


crap carol does it ever get better. daphne is such a sweet little dog, always so cheerful, full of life, i feel really bad for u and her. call me later on if u need me for the animals, its no problem for me to whip up the hill. take care