Rescue Journal

hope floating

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2013

it was a bit of a rough night...daphne peed a lot because of the Lasix plus i was so conscious of where she was, how she was breathing, afraid to disturb her by adjusting my sleeping position....sigh. I am tired and my back and neck are hurting this morning.

it is hard to be cheerful and keep hope floating when you know there is something so terribly wrong. but the thing is..i don't want daphne to think there is anything too terribly wrong...maybe things are not great right now but I want her to still feel she is safe and ok.

freaking computers..i just do not get them. last night my keyboard went and that was my very most favorite keyboard of all time ever and god only knows how many keyboards I have had. so I think fine..i will switch it out tomorrow which I just did. and the new one did not work either...shit it wasn't the keyboard, it was something with the computer. I finally turned off and restarted the computer and now it works...which means the old one probably still works too and now I have to switch them back again, which I will do later.

speaking of switching...switching tess and cc to the house almost doubled my night time feeding of dogs...I used to only have to feed I have to feed 22. you probably wonder how that happened? well it is simple...pepper, Fernando, and jazz have to be fed now because they see everyone else in the mp building getting supper so they want to be fed now too. tess and cc get supper which means benny, buddy, crash and phoebe see them getting fed, so they want something to eat at bedtime too.

with the exception of meds and diabetics...when one dog sees another dog getting is only kind and fair that you feed the watching dog too.
it adds so much extra feeding time work moving dogs around....

I want to thank KO and laura for putting the barn guys to bed for me during the worst possible freaking rainstorm so I could deal with daphne. it was horribly horrible out there and I felt so bad that I was inside and dry and they were outside doing my job in the worst weather that you can imagine.
so very sorry you guys!

well..i guess we will see what this day holds..hopefully a decent day for us all.



chevy is doing ok...he was out with the cows for a short time yesterday. every day should get better for him and the vet tells me the holes in his head should be fully filled in and healed within a month.


lol about feeding the dogs hey they know whats going on and want in on it too can you blame them also how is chevy doing. i hope okay no i hope great. glad daphne is home with you for awhile hopefully a long while. have a good day everyone at saints.