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we are back from the vets

Carol  ·  Nov. 4, 2013

new to see the lungs but not the heart..not sure if it is a mass or fluid blocking the heart from view. her heart sounds murmurs, nothing odd heard. sue reiterated that dogs are more likely to get fluid inside the lungs with cardiac disease and pleural effusions (fluid outside and surrounding the heart and lungs..this is what daphne has) with masses and tumors.

so we still do not know for sure if it is cardiac disease or a tumor but most likely a tumor. sue is arranging another ultrasound with an actual certified ultrasound/ the meantime, we carry on with the Lasix and keep our fingers crossed.

update..daph will have her ultrasound at a clinic in coquitlam tomorrow afternoon.



Willie C: I found that I had trouble voting when I used Internet Explorer. I changed to Firefox and have had no further problems.

Willie C

Well the Shelter Challenge is not working again for me this go round. One time I enter the City, Country and State and SAINTS comes up but there is NO VOTE button - the next time there is a VOTE button but when I enter the little verification letters it keeps repeating 'something must be entered in the box'. Only once, have I been able to vote. This was the same experience as last time.

Before that, I voted everyday without issue. . .I hate broken redesigned websites!

janet nicholson

Fingers & toes crossed for you and Daphne - you need some good news.