Rescue Journal

having a hard time keeping hope floating.

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2013

I feel frustrated today. last day of vacation and what a shitty vacation it was...between my being sick, angel, daphne, chevy, septic/plumbing/unsettled short staffing issues..the whole week off pretty much sucked.

the septic guys are coming back today...with cameras at $250 per hour to see if they can figure out our problem...and please do not let it be the septic field cuz that is the worst thing possible. ann has arranged for electricians and roofers to come today to give us estimates too. there MAY be some maintenence project money available from an outside source if our projects meet with their approval. I had a plumber in yesterday but he said he cannot fix the stuff we need fixed, he gave me another company name. I called them..they sounded less than enthusiastic to take on our myriad of plumbing issues. can't say I blame them, when you list it all together it all sounds like a giant freaking plumbing headache.

I have to have angel into maple ridge first thing this morning for her blood sugar curve. then I have to whip back here, hopefully meet some trademen before I take daphne for her ultrasound appointment in coquitlam this afternoon. with rush hour traffic I probably will not make it back in time to pick up angel from the vets, but mo will grab her and keep her before the clinic closes and I can pick her up from mo's on my way back home tonight.

and daph did not have a great night..her breathing got laboured again so I double dosed her on the Lasix which made her pee all night. she is getting hard to feed..i finally got her meds into her with icecream and anyone who knows daxi's knows they are totally obsessed with eating....anything and everything. I think the ultrasound is going to show (if they can actually see anything) that daphne is in fact in really big trouble and thinking this. my heart is already trying to break..just waiting for someone to actually say it so I can let it totally shatter and fall apart.

I just know today is so going to suck big time for sure.



Sending you and Daph and Angel. Sending hugs and good thoughts. It never gets easy, this waiting, watching. The knowing or suspecting, and saying good night little one even just one more time. Be good to yourself...