Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2013

june, mystic and boomer really need to get with the laundry reduction program...dragging the dog room blankets outside in the dirt and the rain for a quick tug of war game is not helpful at all.

we have spent $1400 in 2 weeks on septic tank draining and problem diagnostics. the news they gave us was not septic field needed. however..since shoving the cameras 100 feet thru our pipes..something improved because the toilet will flush again so that is good.

I am worried about money again...there will not be a November bake sale this year...maybe some other time but not this year. the loss of the $10,000 is a big financial ouch. this is the problem with animal rescue charity work....nothing is ever for certain....except for stress. you can pretty much always count on plenty of that!

new dog coming in today..old, hypothyroid beagle from VAS. his name is luke and apparently he is a sweet old guy with a big hypothyroid butt. shelley is ferrying him out..yay shelley!

no real change in daph..not eating much, quietly depressed, with the diuretics she is constantly peeing large amounts, shivering a lot unless I hold her close wrapped up in a blanket. she seems to be better in the mornings before she gets her meds. I am wondering if the high dose of Lasix is sucking too much fluid out...I am thinking of trying to cut it back.

well..i guess I better start moving..i have lots to do.


Willie C

I have not been able to vote on the Shelter Challenge this time or last time. There is usually no VOTE button. Someone suggested I try FireFox - it was exactly the same.


I have had a terrible time trying to get votes in on the Shelter Challenge. I usually vote at work and since they changed the website all I get are error messages. Has anyone else had a problem?


Indiegogo might be a possible way to raise the money for a new septic system.

be worth trying.


thx for the heads up kaelyn..I can't seem to get on to vote this time or the last time so I did not realize we were so out of date.
I will ask Nicole to update.


I hate to bring it up, but is there someone responsible for the Shelter Challenge admin? I don't want to heap more to do on top of Carol, but the blurb about SAINTS is very generic and not about SAINTS in particular... and the photo isn't from SAINTS either. The only thing it says about SAINTS is the acronym for the name and where you're located... might it be useful to add in SAINTS's mission statement and a photo, perhaps a link to the website so people know who/what they're actually voting for? Also, you can post the actual link to SAINTS's voting page... not trying to be a pain, just trying to be useful and help make it easy and quick for people to vote.


Carol, monday is a holiday did you need me to come in? either way is fine with me

Bunny Horne

Carol / MO - Brent and I picked up vegetables and fruits for the barn guys breakfast tomorrow & Monday. See y'all tomorrow.


We are in 3rd place in the Shelter Challenge, and losing ground rapidly.


ya sorry no bake sale in november.....however we are planning one around the end of march pre easter :-)

shelagh f

do we have to worry about low potassium levels in dogs
with all that Lasix?
So I'm assuming the bank contribution is the reason for
the bake sale not going ahead. Whatever the reason,
that sucks.


S.A.I.N.T.S. still has a chance to win some $ in the Shelter Challenge! According to the rules the organizations with the highest & 2nd highest votes each get $1,000. Could the FB admin post a link encouraging people to vote daily? There are over 2,700 "likes" on your page!