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Jenn  ·  Nov. 10, 2013

Meet the newest saints

Yoda - who could give grumpy cat a run for his money!
Such a nice friendly cat though and loves to play
photo 10.jpg

Teddy - is a senior blind dog that looks like a puppy.
Such a cute face. But he gets weird about being petted.
Ten seconds of pets are ok. 30 seconds are not.
photo 12.jpg

Sylvester - such a gorgeous cat with distinct markings. He is a purring machine.
photo 14.jpg

Luke - the new beagle is a beautiful cream color with the typical big beautiful beagle eyes
photo 6.jpg
photo 5.jpg

and here are a couple of my favorite recent photos

Cheese! - Cece
photo 11.jpg

Fernando the hairless Mexican rocking this trendy turtle neck sweater
photo 13.jpg

Wilbur the friendly pig coming over to say hi!
photo 9.jpg

The horses in the upper field on a crisp fall day
photo 4.jpg
photo 8.jpg

Roxy the crazy one-eyed maniac looking cute just moments before she snaps and snarls and manages to take a chunk out of my upper thigh
photo 7.jpg

and finally our darling Daphne in the Carol's loving arms
photo 1.jpg

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Lenore Henry

Once again, your photos are beautiful Jenn, capturing the souls of the animals at Saints - what a gift you have.