Rescue Journal

todays updates

Carol  ·  Nov. 12, 2013

the dog that chris, tammy and I went to see last night who is terminally ill but whose owner had no money for vet care is being euthanized tonight. thank god for our compassionate vets..colleen is going out to the home tonight to help her to peacefully pass away.

daphne had her recheck..the vet said the xrays are about the same, still lots of fluid surrounding the lungs. when I asked if she was a dying dog, he said by the xrays seeing her...she was breathing better, she was brighter so we are going another week with just adding one new med. so no answer yet but hope is still floating for daph.

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed today and had a hard time choking back times I barely managed it but I did. I am a little more settled tonight..not much I can currently do about the things that are bugging me except try to find the solutions and implement them...eventually.

we are looking at funding options for the septic.
the toilets gave up the ghost today and will not flush at all. so there is now a portapotty in my driveway..i am not so happy about that but I guess it is better than not having a portapotty at all.

we tried Sylvester over in the did not go well so he is happily back in his medical room pen for now.

I think that is all of the news or at least all I can remember.